Membership Benefits


We work for you

By joining the OPF, you have the opportunity to have your say on what we do and how we can support your digital preservation priorities. 

An invitation to our Annual General Meeting

All members are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to evaluate our work from the past year, connect with other members, and influence our activities for the year ahead. As a member, the AGM is a valuable occasion to offer your feedback and vote in elections for the board, which provides strategic leadership for the Foundation.

Be elected to the board of directors 

This is your chance to make a positive difference whilst developing new skills. Our board represents the Foundation’s membership and plays a vital role in making strategic decisions and monitoring ongoing activities. 

Join the product board

As a member, you can join our product board and govern the roadmap for the OPF reference toolset – influencing strategic changes and adoption of new tools. This is a chance to oversee the development plans for each of our open source products and ensure member requirements for bug fixes and new feature requests are prioritised. 

BenefitGoldSilverBronzeTechnical Contributor
Participate in our AGM
5 places
2 places
1 place
1 place
Vote at our AGM
5 votes
2 votes
1 vote
Eligible to be appointed to the board of directors
As available
Eligible to join the product board
As available
By invitation


Access practical guidance and support

Whether you are an experienced user, software vendor, or working with digital preservation environments and systems for the first time, we are here to help. 

Tech Clinic 

As one of the only organisations of our kind with dedicated technical staff and in-house resources, our monthly tech clinic provides members with personalised, practical support. We offer help using OPF products, implementing new systems, and understanding open source requirements and best practice. 

Use of OPF tool web demonstrators

Try out OPF products online, without the need to download and install the software. 

Help to adopt our open source tools

We help our vendor members with integrating OPF products into their solutions, which are used by their clients, our members, and the wider digital preservation community.

Any issues raised by members are our priority. We can also offer support interpreting the results from our products.  

Online or face-to-face consultation

In addition to our technical expertise, the OPF team offers extensive experience in project management, event planning, marketing and social media. Gold members are eligible to claim up to one day per month of consultancy. 

Commission workshops and training

Whether you want one of our existing courses to be delivered in your institution, to design a bespoke course for your staff, or wish to commission a new educational resource based on our open source tools, we will work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

Book a place at OPF Tech Clinics
As available
Access to our web demonstrators
Member bug fixes and feature requests
One-to-one consultation with OPF staff
One day per month
Commission workshops and training


Building communities for sustainability

The OPF was founded to sustain the results of Planets, an EU-funded project. Today, our mission builds upon the principles of collaboration and sustainability. Our community begins with OPF members and expands to involve people around the world. 

Be at the forefront of digital preservation

OPF participates in a select number of funded projects and initiatives that align with our strategic goals and that reflect the needs of our members. Members are invited to consult on progress throughout the lifetime of a project. We are also happy to facilitate collaborative initiatives among our members. 

Together, our members have a united and respected voice

We believe that organisations across the globe can benefit from working collaboratively to develop shared standards and solutions. Our membership comprises institutions from around the world, charting the course for the advancement of digital preservation.

BenefitGoldSilverBronzeTechnical contributor
Priority consultation and steering opportunities for funded projects
As available
By invitation
Receive consultation and feedback opportunities for funded projects
Eligible for support in collaborative initiatives
As available
By invitation
Access to influential project networks


Work and learn collaboratively

Knowledge sharing is an essential part of digital preservation, and we facilitate a range of services and activities which enable the dissemination of ideas, insights and best practice throughout the community. 


Our popular webinar series features expert speakers and draws participants from around the world and we encourage all of our members to present their work as part of the series. 

Virtual Panels

We host online debates and discussions on the topics that matter to you. As members-only events, our virtual panels are an opportunity to share your experiences and learn from others in an inclusive and collaborative environment. 

Workshops and training

Our workshops run throughout the year and provide practical training on our open source products. 

Interest and working groups

We run a number of interest groups which meet regularly to discuss specific preservation challenges, whilst our working groups bring members together to undertake specialised projects.

Priority registration 

Members receive priority booking for all of our events, including webinars,  workshops and training.


We maintain a collection of valuable resources, including our webinar archive, slides from workshops and conference presentations, and data from our surveys. As an OPF member, you benefit from exclusive and unlimited access to this material, aiding knowledge-sharing within your institution.

Priority registration for our workshops and training
Free places at our workshops and training
5 places
2 places
1 place
10% discount
Priority registration for OPF webinars
Access to the OPF webinar archive
Participate in OPF virtual panels
Participate in OPF interest and working groups
Access to members-only resources


Get connected

Working together to address common issues and solve common problems, our members come from libraries, archives, research institutions, government agencies, and vendors from across the globe. OPF membership is open to any type and size of organisation that shares our vision of open, sustainable digital preservation.

We provide a space where you can learn from the experiences of others, exchange knowledge and best practices, and discover new partners for collaboration. By making members our key focus, we offer many opportunities to learn, debate and connect with like-minded professionals. Engagement occurs  at every level, from simply being part of our members mailing list, joining one of our working groups or participating at board level. 

Bridging the gap between technical providers and users

Our members include many national libraries and archives, leading university libraries, as well as commercial organisations offering digital preservation solutions. OPF can facilitate conversations and requirements sharing between technical providers and users.

Publicity and promotion

We are committed to showcasing the work of our members. When you join us, you can also advertise relevant jobs and events on our website and communications channels. Our vendor members enjoy opportunities to demonstrate what they do and connect with prospective users in initiatives such as our ‘spotlight on suppliers’ webinar series.

Unlimited access the members-only mailing list
Display your logo on the OPF website with a link to your website
Use the OPF logo on your website
Share your news and advertise job vacancies on our website, members-only communications channels and social media.

Ready to join us?